Photo by Maciek Jeżyk

I love architecture
I love how human ingenuity
creeps into the details of a mundane life
to interrupt the banal
to reward the observant passerby.
I love the harmony hewn of the haphazard
the orderly hedgerow at the edge of the wild world.

White plaster against blue sky
relieved in shadow
stained in greens and browns by the living rain

Every time man touches earth
it is at once reunion and defiance.
born of soil we shape the world in our image. …

America’s destiny is to become truly multicultural.

How can I say this in the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s murders? How could this be amidst the chaos of our climate, the failure of our leaders and the breakdown of our institutions? I say this because multiculturalism, or diversity, is alive. Life does not behave according to fiat or survive in isolation; it grows in opportunity. It survives through cooperation.

César Chávez leads farm workers in a demonstration for better working conditions.

White supremacy, in contrast, is a culture of death. It is a culture of death because it is a culture of separateness; of isolation and control. It is a culture that only understands enoughness as power…

Firelight Hammerquist

Creative soul passionate about the spirit of place. I work to cultivate resilient communities and through that work help people discover their best potenial

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